While home for Columbus Day Weekend, I made sure to visit a museum! These photos are from the Roger Williams Park Museum of Natural History. It’s been several years since my last visit, and I only vaguely remembered its exhibits – the planetarium being the most memorable. 

The Museum currently has four major exhibits: Africa, Circle of the Sea, Dynamic Galaxies, and Natural Selections (an explanation of the origins of the natural history museum & the museum movement.) My favorite part however, was their newest exhibit, “Treasures from the Attic.” (Unfortunately, no pictures from there – it’s a bit difficult to take an unblurry picture of a letter.) Like most museums, less than 2% of the RWP Museum’s holdings are on display for the public. In order to show some of their Park-specific items, this exhibits displays letters and items relevant to the history of the institution. Letters about prospective animals for the Zoo, item collecting, and famous people of Providence are placed in display cases throughout the foyer. I thought it was a great introduction to the purpose of the museum, as well as a nice summary of what else the Museum attempts to teach its visitors.

Be sure to check out the installment of their next exhibit, “Seismic Shifts,” in late November!

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