5 Things I’m Looking Forward To This Semester

While I’m playing the waiting game with grad school applications, I’m extremely excited for everything else going on in Spring 2016. Here’s what’s happening:

  1. Events and (Un)Conferences: I’m currently scheduled to attend History Camp and Hacking Heritage in March. And Rebecca Onion is the Writer-in-Residence for UMass History this year, so I’m stoked!
  2. Thesis: I’ve been sharing my research story over at the Honors Student Blog, and this semester will be all about the actual writing. I’ll also be working on the DH portion, and I expect this will take up the majority of my time.
  3. AppHuLL: The Applied Humanities Learning Lab is a Mellon-funded program intended to strengthen and clarify pathways from undergraduate humanities education to professional careers in the public and applied humanities. I’m one of fifteen Fellows this semester working with the Swift River Valley Historical Society. I just wrote a piece for Past@Present about my experience in the J-term intensive.
  4. Smith: In my quest to attend all of the Five Colleges, I only have one left! I’m taking two courses there this semester, exploring the Sophia Smith archives and material culture at Historic Deerfield.
  5. UMass: It’s my last semester, and I plan to go out with a bang. I’m working on completing that senior-year bucket list.

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