bjxbf-_400x400I am a public human, curiosity correspondent, and DH enthusiast.

I believe that using new media in museums can bridge communities, ignite excitement, and reinvent cultural spaces for the 21st century.

As a first-year MA student in Public Humanities at Brown University, I study community engagement in museums and cultural institutions. I also have a penchant for rethinking pedagogy, research, and academia in the digital age. Blending modern technology and a fascination with the history, I’m interested in exploring how historical scholarship can be reinterpreted by and for publics on the internet. I plan to use the methods of the historical and digital disciplines to build powerful, relevant narratives across mediums to inspire new audiences about the past.

Professionally, I draw on a broad range of experiences, including evaluation research and analytics at the Smithsonian Institution; educational programming at the Rhode Island Historical Society; curatorial management for the Edward M. Kennedy Institute; and editorial communications at UMass Press. I currently serve as a HASTAC Scholar, an international fellowship program of students and faculty working at the intersection of technology and the arts, humanities, and sciences.

I frequently share my experiences in tech, history, museums, and pedagogy on Twitter. I hold a BA in history and digital humanities from the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Current Projects:

  • Working towards my MA in Public Humanities by exploring cultural institutions as a guide for community work
  • Volunteering at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, providing informal interpretation to visitors about local cultural history
  • Blogging about digital public humanities for HASTAC, critically analyzing & evaluating new media projects
  • Seeking opportunities to collaborate on interdisciplinary public scholarship