Digital Second Edition of Judaica Americana

As the project manager and developer for Judaica Digital Humanities at the Penn Libraries, I’m excited to announce the launch of the Digital Second Edition of Judaica Americana. This is an Omeka database which draws from Robert Singerman’s Judaica Americana, a bibliography chronicling American Jewish book production until 1900. The Digital Second Edition contains 3,000 supplemental entries to the print edition. The project’s features allow users to search the bibliography by author, language, holding institution, and various tags, as well as find open-access links to digitized Jewish monographs, serials, and periodicals.

You can view the project at Additional information about the project can be found on the Judaica DH website at

I was responsible for the data preparation and project methodology. As the developer and designer, I designed the look and feel of the site, editing the Omeka theme that is used for the navigation and user interaction with the site. My blog post on the project development process can be found on the Judaica DH website at ([].


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