Twitter Bots

I manage some Twitter bots for fun. @UMass_Horoscope: A spreadsheet-powered Twitter bot to share the @MDCollegian horoscopes. Built by @zachwhalen, modified by @storybench, implemented by @sheishistoric. @onlylistentoTMG:  I only listen to @mountain_goats – can recommend any song for any mood. (Written in Tracery.)

Building a Feminist Future: On (Digital) Pedagogical Praxis

In what ways can digital technologies exacerbate or challenge extant power hierarchies both in the classroom and in the world beyond the classroom? How can digital technologies empower historically-silenced and excluded students? In this interactive session, five panelists will share some answers to these questions drawn from our own experiences as feminist scholars and educators. Continue reading Building a Feminist Future: On (Digital) Pedagogical Praxis

Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access

The Smithsonian Learning Lab is a web platform that allows users to discover Smithsonian Institution digital resources, and use them to create and share collections tailored to their needs and that of their target audiences. Concurrent with the Smithsonian Learning Lab‘s launch in 2016, several Smithsonian divisions started using the platform. This report, Documenting the Use of Continue reading Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access

Crowdsourced Transcription Projects

In my spare time, I like to contribute to crowdsourced transcription projects for various research and educational initiatives.   Places I transcribe/edit/review: Wikipedia SI Transcription Center Colored Conventions Freedom on the Move

HASTAC Scholars

The HASTAC Scholars fellowship program is a student-driven community of graduate and undergraduate students who are working at the intersection of technology and the arts, humanities, and sciences. Scholars work to rethink pedagogy, learning, research, and academia for the digital age. As a 2016-2018 HASTAC Scholar, I’ve participated in the following projects: A crowdsourced book review Continue reading HASTAC Scholars

#Resistance: What Can Alt-Government Twitter Teach Us?

In this project, created for a digital storytelling course at Brown University, I scraped Twitter data from nine “rogue” government Twitter accounts. Following the inauguration of President Trump, multiple rogue accounts have launched in order to operate as a form of digital resistance and advocacy. Often designated by “Alt” or “Rogue” or “Resistance” in their handles, Continue reading #Resistance: What Can Alt-Government Twitter Teach Us?

Tiki-Toki: Inside the Lost Museum

As Digital Projects Assistant for Steven Lubar, I developed an interactive timeline as a digital companion to his book, Inside the Lost Museum: Curating, Past and Present (to be published July 2017 by Harvard University Press.) Navigating Tiki-Toki, users can explore museum history through four major themes: collect, display, preserve, and use. Photographs, quotes, and videos reveal highlights, Continue reading Tiki-Toki: Inside the Lost Museum

Revisualizing the Crystal Palace

As Digital Projects Assistant for Steven Lubar, I cleaned the data for the 1853 Crystal Palace Visualization, coordinating with the Brown University Center for Digital Scholarship. I also developed visualizations in Tableau Public, Palladio, and Google Fusion to accompany the “Cataloging History” series. “Cataloging History” is a four-part series on the history and theory of museum and Continue reading Revisualizing the Crystal Palace