Map of Texas

Mapping Violence

Mapping Violence is a multifaceted project that includes compiling a digital archive of histories of racial violence, researching documented cases, curating content (including digital tours and historical essays), and an interactive map. The digital archive is the first to include multiple forms of violence (at the hands of law enforcement, US soldiers, and vigilantes) that targeted multiple racial and ethnic groups (African Americans, Mexican Americans, Mexican nationals, Asian Americans, Native Americans and European immigrants).

As a Researcher and Collaborator on the team, I completed four new entries for the database, built a prototype map in Carto of the first phase of research, and built the foundation for a digital exhibit on the Porvenir Massacre. As the lead digital specialist, I also coordinated with student developers and system administrators to maintain and operate the existing database, and provided strategic direction on the layout, interface, and content for project website. All the code for the digital exhibit can be found on the GitHub repository.


I co-presented the project with members of the team for the 2018 annual meeting of the American Studies Association, a 2018 workshop presentation at Northeastern University School of Law, and the 2018 Brown University American Studies Graduate Student Conference.