#Resistance: What Can Alt-Government Twitter Teach Us?

In this project, created for a digital storytelling course at Brown University, I scraped Twitter data from nine “rogue” government Twitter accounts. Following the inauguration of President Trump, multiple rogue accounts have launched in order to operate as a form of digital resistance and advocacy. Often designated by “Alt” or “Rogue” or “Resistance” in their handles, these unauthorized accounts use the language of both federal and parody Twitter to promote agency-related information deemed inappropriate by the current administration. Looking into the language, issues, and reception of these accounts, what can we learn about digital activism? What can we learn about digital advocacy for political issues? Understanding how these rogue accounts use Twitter for communication, this project sought to analyze the ways in which activists use the platform’s communication to promote political engagement or discourse.

I talked about this at the Society for Comparative Literature and the Arts 2017 on digital resistance. Blog post forthcoming.

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