Archives and Moby Dick

Since entering my hiatus from weekly blog posts, I’ve returned home for the summer to enjoy the weather, catch up on reading, and relax. Well, not so much relax - that lasted about a week before I needed to get back to work. I’ve certainly missed writing blog posts, and since many people (primarily family … Continue reading Archives and Moby Dick

One Short Day in the Archives

Ah, spring break – the time when college students put aside their studies to relax, have fun, and maybe even travel to some warm destination. Well, I guess I tried to do all three of those – unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite cooperate for that last one, and I ended up in Washington D.C. with … Continue reading One Short Day in the Archives

The Elusive Whaleman

After struggling with microfilm last week (still working on Queen Liliuokalani, by the way) I moved onto my new assignment. This time, I investigated a different aspect of whaling: the international connection it created. Specifically, I was asked to go through a report by the U.S. Fish Commission & the United States National Museum in … Continue reading The Elusive Whaleman