Recap of #AskAnArchivist

Thursday was #AskAnArchivist on Twitter, so I took advantage of the opportunity to get in contact with archivists across the nation.  Here are some of the questions I asked: @U.S. National Archives: How do you explain your job to kids? “People in our govt make lots of photos, videos, maps, paper. We get that stuff … Continue reading Recap of #AskAnArchivist

Summer In The Library

Here’s what I love about historians: they are storytellers. Whether we know it consciously or simply find our way there, we search the past for a semblance of something relatable or funny or interesting. We further our interests (or those of others) in efforts to remember something worth remembering. On the other hand, archivists and … Continue reading Summer In The Library

Ten Things I Learned As An Archives & Library Intern

This is my last week at the New Bedford Whaling Museum (I can’t believe how quickly that went by!) I have a much longer post planned for next week, but I thought I’d start by sharing the lighthearted pieces of advice I’ve acquired over the summer. Always wear light-colored clothes. Those new black pants might … Continue reading Ten Things I Learned As An Archives & Library Intern