Recap of #AskAnArchivist

Thursday was #AskAnArchivist on Twitter, so I took advantage of the opportunity to get in contact with archivists across the nation.  Here are some of the questions I asked: @U.S. National Archives: How do you explain your job to kids? “People in our govt make lots of photos, videos, maps, paper. We get that stuff … Continue reading Recap of #AskAnArchivist

Ten Things I Learned As An Archives & Library Intern

This is my last week at the New Bedford Whaling Museum (I can’t believe how quickly that went by!) I have a much longer post planned for next week, but I thought I’d start by sharing the lighthearted pieces of advice I’ve acquired over the summer. Always wear light-colored clothes. Those new black pants might … Continue reading Ten Things I Learned As An Archives & Library Intern

Mss 131

This week at the archives, I finished Mss 131! I was very excited (though it’s difficult to show excitement in a library – mostly just excessive smiling and reserved self-high-fiving) and I think I had a right to be. It was really weird to realize that my work is going to be in that library … Continue reading Mss 131

I’m Getting Better With Computers

Here’s something you may or may not know about me: I’m not that great with computers. I mean, sure - I’m pretty much my family’s expert in setting up your wireless printer, posting your stuff to social media, and basic Photoshop skills. I’ve been helping my mother with making her Excel spreadsheet charts for years, making … Continue reading I’m Getting Better With Computers

Archives and Moby Dick

Since entering my hiatus from weekly blog posts, I’ve returned home for the summer to enjoy the weather, catch up on reading, and relax. Well, not so much relax - that lasted about a week before I needed to get back to work. I’ve certainly missed writing blog posts, and since many people (primarily family … Continue reading Archives and Moby Dick

One Short Day in the Archives

Ah, spring break – the time when college students put aside their studies to relax, have fun, and maybe even travel to some warm destination. Well, I guess I tried to do all three of those – unfortunately, the weather didn’t quite cooperate for that last one, and I ended up in Washington D.C. with … Continue reading One Short Day in the Archives