An Update: What Am I Working On?

Ack! So many new things happening (and it’s been awhile since I’ve written anything) – where should I start? At the Whaling Museum, I’ve almost completed three new projects. First, I finished the Delano Family Papers, which informed me of the ancestors of FDR and their business in Fairhaven. The collection studied three generations of … Continue reading An Update: What Am I Working On?

Mss 131

This week at the archives, I finished Mss 131! I was very excited (though it’s difficult to show excitement in a library – mostly just excessive smiling and reserved self-high-fiving) and I think I had a right to be. It was really weird to realize that my work is going to be in that library … Continue reading Mss 131

Where In The World Is The Whaleman?

This week, returned to the task of the whaleman – he may have been found, but his story has not. Let me explain - in the photo, the whaleman is standing in front of a doorway. This doorway’s sole distinguishing feature is the number 47. In discussing this with an archivist, he jokingly suggested looking … Continue reading Where In The World Is The Whaleman?

My Final Assignment

My course is coming to a close! The final assignment is to write a research paper about some aspect of Southeastern New England history - a person, a place, an event, etc. For my paper, I chose The Gifts of Henry Huttleston Rogers, a multimillionaire of Standard Oil who chose to donate several buildings and … Continue reading My Final Assignment