The Last Lecture

13 blog posts, 12 short essays, about 60 hours of experience, and lots of other things that could probably be measured in numbers later, HISTORY 298 is just about over. And it’s certainly been a long, enjoyable ride. When I started on this project at the beginning of last semester, I wasn’t entirely sure what … Continue reading The Last Lecture


Because I’m still focusing on my microfilm projects, I haven’t had much of an opportunity to explore a new database – not that I mind, of course. This week, my assignments were researching the placement of the plaque outside the Seamen’s Bethel, and the construction of the original Tiferes (now Tifereth) Synagogue. Growing up in … Continue reading Perspectives

My Experience with the 1910 Census

Hooray! I finished my first assignment for HIST 298! Just before Winter Break, my supervisor and I sat down to discuss what at the time seemed like a long and grueling project: “Go through the 1910 census (all six wards and corresponding precincts in each), and create a spreadsheet with the following info: every time … Continue reading My Experience with the 1910 Census