HIST 397VW: Mill River Greenway Initiative

In my studies, I find it extremely important for my understanding of a particular topic to be able to connect with something tangible.  This semester, my Public History Workshop worked with a local organization, the Mill River Greenway Initiative (MRGI), to develop interpretive panels for an exhibit. The balance of environmental history lectures and working … Continue reading HIST 397VW: Mill River Greenway Initiative

Visit to UMCA

So on Friday afternoon, my friend and I made our way over to the University Museum of Contemporary Art (UMCA) here at UMass. It’s been on our to-do lists for awhile, and so when the opportunity arose after lunch, we made our way over to the Fine Arts Center (FAC) to stop in. According to … Continue reading Visit to UMCA

The Last Lecture

13 blog posts, 12 short essays, about 60 hours of experience, and lots of other things that could probably be measured in numbers later, HISTORY 298 is just about over. And it’s certainly been a long, enjoyable ride. When I started on this project at the beginning of last semester, I wasn’t entirely sure what … Continue reading The Last Lecture

Slightly Off-Topic: Digital Humanities

Since it is so close to the end of the semester, I’m not receiving tasks anymore. But before I get to my final blog post, I wanted to write about something I’m doing in another course: Honors 391A. Honors 391A is a requirement of the Commonwealth Honors College at UMass, a 1-credit course of an … Continue reading Slightly Off-Topic: Digital Humanities

2/12/14: To The Lab!

Yesterday, Prof. Poehler took our HONS391A class to the Digital Humanities Lab to begin our Class Group Project. It quite literally opened a door to new experiences and new technology. First off, I didn’t even realize there was a downstairs to Herter. I spend so much time in that building as it is, I didn’t … Continue reading 2/12/14: To The Lab!