Practice Reflection #1: Meditation Apps

As someone who fell out of meditative practice, the idea of jumping back into it for class felt intimidating. What I enjoyed about the practice – the communal aspect, the physical grounding in a space, the long, reflective state – would all be gone in working alongside the apps we were tasked with for class. But I dive in with interest, considering our conversations around virtual-physical relationships.

Critical Annotation of Boellstorff


#BearToursByEmily: Rating the Public Art of Brown University’s Mascot

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Fantastic Places, Unhuman Humans: 4 Lessons from TAing Online


Revisualizing the Crystal Palace: Cataloging History, Part 4

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Best of 2017

A summary of books, films, TV, performances, and other things produced, consumed and enjoyed this year by me:

Readings From Fall ’17 Semester

More for me than for you: some favorite readings this semester across the three classes I took. Links when possible.

Twitter Chat: Public Humanities and Public Scholarship


The Degrassi Franchise on the Teenage Experience


What I Learned During My Summer Practicum: On Escape, Reevaluation, and Being a Public Human

To finish off my summer practicum, I had to put together a presentation of five things I learned. As I was doing this, I realized that the most important things I learned were the things that I already knew. And more importantly, I realized that I am a public human.


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