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Readings from ’18 Spring Semester

More for me than for you: some favorite readings this semester from the three classes I took. Links when possible.

Mastering the Thumbaround

Pen spinning is about as hard as you think it is, which is to say it is difficult. For my presentation, I am trying to master the thumbaround, which is the cool pen-twirling move where the pen swings around your thumb and you catch it with index finger. It’s supposedly one of the easier moves to do, and it looks impressive when the pen isn’t flying across the room.

Self-Directed Learning Assignment

I’m not a very fidgety person, except for with my hands. I wear rings on my fingers so that I always have something to play with, I’ll often wrap hair elastics around my wrist for a quick play toy in class, and I mindlessly take apart paper clips in order to meld them into new shapes. Something about the stimulation for spinning and fidgeting around fingers keeps me focused on other things, though I’ve never really thought about what I’m doing or how my body does it.

Critical Annotation of Miller 2017


Practice Reflection #2: Show Choir, GLEE, and Learning to Dance Again

I danced in show choir for three years in high school, though I really saw it as an opportunity to sing more than to move. I would come home from dance retreat weekends extremely sore, thinking about moving my body in new ways.

Critical Annotation of Foster

Susan Leigh Foster, _Choreographing Empathy: Kinesthesia in Performance_ (London: Routledge, 2011), 2._ _

Critical Annotation of Miller


Interview with Women and Technology at Brown

I spoke with Maddie Mott at Women and Technology at Brown about my experience in digital public humanities & my work as a graduate student in the university.

Practice Reflection #1: Meditation Apps

As someone who fell out of meditative practice, the idea of jumping back into it for class felt intimidating. What I enjoyed about the practice – the communal aspect, the physical grounding in a space, the long, reflective state – would all be gone in working alongside the apps we were tasked with for class. But I dive in with interest, considering our conversations around virtual-physical relationships.


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