A Moral Voyage: The Proposal, Part I – The Literature Review

From Honors Student Blog:

20 trips to the library, 14 books, 6 articles, 5 (surviving) recyclable bags from the circulation desk, and countless hours later, I can officially say that I have written my spring proposal.

Essentially, to enroll in the spring semester of my honors thesis, I have to fill out a proposal. I did something similar to register for the fall semester, but this proposal is a much more involved and in-depth process. The proposal serves two purposes:

  • It’s proof that this first semester of research hasn’t gone to waste – that I know what I’m talking about regarding the topic, that I know why it’s relevant and important to historians, and that I know that this is new and original research.
  • It’s a syllabus – it gives a general overview of the thesis, what it will accomplish, and the dates and deadlines for a first draft and subsequent drafts.

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