Best of 2017

A summary of books, films, TV, performances, and other things produced, consumed and enjoyed this year by me:

Best Non-Fiction Read for the First Time

Best Fiction/Poetry Read for the First Time:

Best TV Watched for the First Time: 

Best Movies Watched for the First Time:

Best Performances:

(Some of the best) Posts/Articles/Podcasts/Talks By Other People Published This Year:

Best Pieces Written by Me: 

One thought on “Best of 2017

  1. 2017:

    Books read: Oliver Twist, A Clearing in the Forest, Two Land of Stories series books, Five Little Pigs, Queen of the Tearing, Hundred Story Home, Same Kind of Different as Me, Hunchback of Notre Dame, A Christmas Carol, 150 years of Musical Theatre. Ones that stand out are the 3 classics, Hundred Story Home, Same Kind of Different As Me, and 150 Years of Musical Theatre

    Shows loved: Rent @ Belk Theatre and Les Mis @ Peace Center. I had never seen Rent live before and have wanted to since falling in love with it 5 years ago and finally got the chance and was more emotional than I thought and the seats were perfect. This was my 5th time seeing Les Mis live, but 1st touring production of it and 1st time seeing 25th anniversary production. I was able to see a freshness to the musical and a new complexity because of the more advanced 25th anniversary concert. I loved the cast I saw and I had an understudy as Eponine. I am still not yet tired of Les Mis and probably never will

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