Over the past five years in higher education, museums, and cultural institutions, I have helped produce a variety of projects to deepen public and scholarly engagement with digital materials. This portfolio shares a sampling of my current and past projects, from tools to exhibitions.

Current Projects

Sabato Morais Digital Repository

Project Manager/Developer • University of Pennsylvania Libraries • 2019-

The Sabato Morais Digital Repository is a searchable database that performs full-text searching of correspondence and other papers in the Sabato Morais Papers, displaying the images of retrieved documents alongside their encoded transcription.

Digital Second Edition of Judaica Americana

Project Manager/Project Developer • University of Pennsylvania Libraries • 2019-2020

The digital second edition of Judaica Americana makes searchable the 9,000 entries in the print edition. Taken as a whole, Singerman’s bibliography provides extensive and authoritative documentation of American Jewish communal activity and growth before 1901.

Contingent Magazine

Site Manager • Contingent Magazine • 2019-

At Contingent Magazine, we believe that history is for everyone, that every kind of history is worthwhile, and that historians should be paid for their work.

Scribes of the Cairo Geniza

Project Manager • University of Pennsylvania Libraries • 2019-present

Scribes of the Cairo Geniza aims to sort and transcribe Cairo Geniza fragments using new technological approaches in partnership with a community of citizen humanists using the Zooniverse platform.

Twitter Bots

Botmaker • Independent • 2016-

I manage some Twitter bots, several related to the Mountain Goats, an American band formed in Claremont, California, by singer-songwriter John Darnielle.

Past Projects

Senate Staff Office Exhibition Apps

Technical Lead • Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate • 2019-2019

I considered how technology could amplify narratives about the Kennedy family, the Senator’s work in the Senate, and current issues in the US government.

Mapping Violence

Researcher and Collaborator • Brown University • 2017-2018

Mapping Violence recovers lost and obscured cases of racial violence in Texas from 1900 to 1930, a period of now largely forgotten bloodshed. Making these histories public is a crucial step towards reckoning with the long legacies of violence.

Visualizing the Crystal Palace

Project Assistant • University of Pennsylvania Libraries • 2016-2017

The New York Crystal Palace exposition was America’s first world’s fair. Exhibitors from around the world showed off their latest machinery, consumer products, and raw materials. This tool allows you to list the items on display based on their country of origin, and item type (called a “class” in the catalog).

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