About Me

Over five years of working in higher education and cultural institutions, I have explored different approaches to developing effective digital content. I practice digital public humanities, bringing my love for museums and my interest in digital tools together to give audiences agency in their participation and engagement.

Digital Projects

Scribes of the Cairo GenizaProject Manager. 2019-2022.
Scribes of the Cairo Geniza aims to sort and transcribe Cairo Geniza fragments using new technological approaches in partnership with a community of citizen humanists using the Zooniverse platform..
Contingent MagazineSite Designer. 2018-Present.
At Contingent Magazine, we believe that history is for everyone, that every kind of history is worthwhile, and that historians should be paid for their work.
Mapping ViolenceResearcher & Collaborator. 2017-2018.
Mapping Violence recovers lost and obscured cases of racial violence in Texas from 1900 to 1930, a period of now largely forgotten bloodshed. Making these histories public is a crucial step towards reckoning with the long legacies of violence.
Visualizing the Crystal PalacePI with Steven Lubar, Steffani Gomez, Brian Croxall, Patrick Rashleigh. 2017–18.
Geographic visualizations in Tableau, Google Maps, and D3 to discuss historical significance of museum catalogs, supplemented by two co-authored Medium posts with Steven Lubar. Data hosted on GitHub..


BOOK.DATA.FILELead Curator. 2022.
Wheelhouse Technology from Sounding Leads to SatellitesResearcher. 2019.
Over the past century, new technologies have allowed New Bedford’s fleet to arrive on the grounds faster, fish safer, and communicate more easily. But at what cost? This exhibit considers the evolution and impact of technological change on the industry, the community, and the fish. In addition to considering the science behind devices such as EPIRB, SONAR, and LORAN, the exhibit and programs will consider topics such as Technology & Privacy, Dependence on Technology, and Technology & Sustainability..
2018 U.S. Senate Election MapTechnical Lead. 2018.
This technology-driven projected display immersed visitors in the 2018 U.S. Senate Elections, where at total of 35 seats are up for election. Of the 35 seats up for election, 23 are held by Democrats, 8 by Republicans, and 2 by Independents. Projected onto the institute’s exhibit hall walls and available on tablets, visitors explore the races allowing the candidates and races in each of the 33 states, and learned about how the balance of power shifts between political parties each election..
Senate Staff OfficeTechnical Lead. 2018.
The Senate Staff Office exhibit features the exemplary work of Senator Kennedy’s staff, and what is involved in working in a United States Senator’s office. Through a mixture of hands-on activities, video features, and office artifacts, visitors have the opportunity to hear firsthand stories from Senator Edward M. Kennedy’s staff and take on the role of those assigned with completing daily Senate office responsibilities. The interactive exhibit highlights some of the key roles in the Washington, D.C. office and the home state office, including the jobs of scheduler, chief of staff, legislative assistant, and press secretary..


Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica Curator of Digital Humanities
Penn Libraries.
As the inaugural Kaplan Curator, I spearhead projects that facilitate access to and use of Penn's Judaica collections, promoting them and making connections between them and dispersed Judaica content around the globe. I am also responsible for curating, building, and researching the Arnold and Deanne Kaplan Collection of Early American Judaica..
Judaica Digital Humanities Coordinator
Penn Libraries.
Managed the research and development of various projects associated with Judaica Digital Humanities at Penn Libraries..

Museums and Cultural Institutions

Web Developer
Mark Twain House and Museum.
Worked with high school student fellows at the Mark Twain House to launch creative writing magazine.
Web Manager
Contingent Magazine.
Developed Contingent Magazine Theme for Wordpress and coordinated social media roll-out for launch of Contingent Magazine.
Exhibition Researcher
New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center.
I volunteered at the New Bedford Fishing Heritage Center on an upcoming exhibition exploring the evolution of wheelhouse technology and vessel design in the fishing industry from 1900-present, and the impact of these changes on fishermen, their families, and their communities.
Humanities Scholar
New Bedford Ballet Foundation.
Served as Humanities Scholar on Mass Humanities-funded initiative with New Bedford Ballet to introduce fifth grade students to local history story of exploration, travel, and cultural exchange in 19th-century Massachusetts.
Digital Humanities Fellow
Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.
I considered how technology could amplify narratives about the Kennedy family, the Senator’s work in the Senate, and current issues in the US government. In addition to planning out future experiences in VR, AR, and digital exhibit content, I developed two iPad applications and one digital projection/web display regarding the 2018 U.S. Senate elections.
Smithsonian Center for Learning and Digital Access
Evaluation Assistant.
Led evaluation case studies of institutional use of Smithsonian Learning Lab, a digital collections platform that allows users to discover Smithsonian Institution digital resources, and use them to create and share collections tailored to their needs and that of their target audiences.
Park Ambassador (Volunteer)
New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park.
Shared stories of New Bedford's community and whaling industry by providing the public with information about the park through formal and informal interpretation.
Collections and Curation Management Intern
Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate.
Processed clothing and archival collections.
Visitor Services Intern
Rhode Island Historical Society.
Engaged visitors with 18th-19th-century social history of Providence, RI, by developing curriculum packets and leading tours.



Conference Talks
“Collections as Data: Judaica Digital Humanities at the Penn Libraries”
Jan. 2023 • Modern Language Association • San Francisco, California,
“Creative Approchaes to Data”
Jan. 2023 • Southeast Data Librarian Symposium • Virtual,
“Building a Judaica DH Program”
January 2021 • Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C²DH); University of Luxembourg • Virtual,
“Digital Public Humanities for Historians”
Nov. 2018 • American Studies Association • Atlanta, Georgia,
“Courage, Perseverance, and Trust: The Manjiro Story”
May 2018 • UMass Graduate History Association • Amherst, Massachusetts,
Roundtables & Panels
“Across the Zooniverse: Science and the Humanities”
April 2021 • Princeton University • Virtual, Panel, A Roundtable at Crowdsourcing and the Humanities: Roundtable Discussions Celebrating Scribes of the Cairo Geniza
“Platforms for People-Powered Research”
April 2021 • Princeton University • Virtual, Panel, A Roundtable at Crowdsourcing and the Humanities: Roundtable Discussions Celebrating Scribes of the Cairo Geniza
“Meet the Scribes of the Cairo Geniza Project Team”
April 2021 • Princeton University • Virtual, Panel, A Roundtable at Crowdsourcing and the Humanities: Roundtable Discussions Celebrating Scribes of the Cairo Geniza
“Judaica Digital Humanities at the Penn Libraries Overview”
July 2020 • Association of Jewish Libraries • Virtual, Panel, AJL2020
“Scribes, Scholars, & Scripts: Creating a Digital Humanities Community Through Crowdsourcing”
July 2020 • Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations • Ottawa, Ontario//Virtual, Panel, DH2020
“Interpreting Jewish History in Museums and Public History Settings”
March 2020 • National Council for Public History • Atlanta, Georgia//Virtual, Twitter Chat, NCPH 2020
“Cultivating Community with the Cairo Geniza”
Nov. 2019 • Museum Computer Network • San Diego, California, Lightning Talk, MCN 2019
“Mapping Segregated Histories: Digital Research and Visualizations for the Public”
Nov. 2018 • American Studies Association • Atlanta, Georgia, Roundtable, ASA2018
“Public Humanities: Mapping Violence”
May 2018 • Brown University, Department of American Studies • Providence, Rhode Island, Poster, Brown University American Studies Graduate Student Conference
“Meeting in the Middle: Community Engagement in a Digital World”
April 2017 • National Council for Public History • Indianapolis, Indiana, Working Group, NCPH 2017


Board MemberSomerset Cultural Council. 2016-2018.