Interview with Women and Technology at Brown

I spoke with Maddie Mott at Women and Technology at Brown about my experience in digital public humanities & my work as a graduate student in the university.

From the interview:

2) How do you define digital public humanities? What is most exciting about the field to you?

I think of digital public humanities more as a framework than a field. If public humanities is a field interfacing and engaging with communities, digital public humanities provides methodology and questions for bringing technology to that conversation. How does technology change the way we perform research, interpret cultural heritage, or communicate with publics?

Part of what I love about digital public humanities is that it’s so nebulous – and often, the people I think who are doing this kind of work see themselves first as makers, creators, artists, librarians, or scholars. Rarely do you ever see someone describe themselves solely as a digital humanist! There are so many entry points for this work, and I like connecting the dots, finding areas of focus, and developing the critical thinking skills to build and analyze digital projects.

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